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Vet Wrap

● 【Self-adhesive】 Self adhesive, Non-stick skin and hair. Bandage self adhesive, easy to open, easy to use.
● 【High Elasticity】Elastic ratio of about 1:2, provide adjustable beam tight force, good telescopic effect.
● 【Removable】 Can be torn by hand, the bandage does not need scissors and other auxiliary tools, feel soft, bandaged comfortablely.
● 【Permeability】This kind of self-adhesive bandage is breathable and can remove moisture, maintain skin comfort, after the bandage,it will not be off with the water, good ventilation, perspiration effect.
● 【Compliance】 Bandaged comfortably and properly, suitable for any part of the animal’s body,without worry about your pet.

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1.The non-woven fabric is used as the base material,and the surface of the substrate is coated with a layer of tiny natural latex particles.
2.Based on the characteristics of natural latex producing self-adhesive,duarble soft texture,good toughness.
3.Simple and easy to tear,no need of scissors or other auxiliary tools.
4.It is not easy to fall off when meets the water,firmly protect the wrapped parts.Good air permeability and confortable. 

✔✔Adjustable tightness of the bandage, with good tensile strength without restriction, providing adjustable tightening force. 

Instructions for use:
1. This section has a self-adhesive function and can be directly applied by directly covering the previous layer of tape.
2. Be careful not to over-tighten to maintain a good and comfortable protection without affecting the flexibility during exercise.
3. Note that the vet wrap used for the final dressing must not be stretched to prevent the bandage from coming off due to excessive tension.
4. Keep skin clean and dry before sticking . 

1. Can not directly contact the wound.
2. Do not pull hard when removing the patch. It is recommended to remove slowly and gradually. 

✔✔Product Description
Ideal for first aid use on dog, cat, horses and other animals
Extra strong, cohesive, easy to apply bandage 

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